Jan Dubois


I am a Perl developer at ActiveState working mostly on ActivePerl and the Perl Dev Kit.

You can find my professional background on my LinkedIn profile.

Some additional information may be found on the About page on my blog site (once I actually update it).

Twitter & Blogs

I (intent to) keep a blog about anecdotes from my digital life.

I'm not currently using my Twitter account very much.

Open Source

All Perl packages maintained by me are available in my author directory on CPAN.

The source code repository for the libwin32 project is hosted on Google Code.


I'm subscribed to many Perl mailing lists. I actively participate in the ActivePerl, PDK, perl5-porters, and perl-win32-users lists.

I'm also a member of PerlMonks.


Email regarding ActiveState and everything related to Perl should be sent to jand@activestate.com. Communications about any other subject should go to jan@jandubois.com.

I often hang out on the irc.perl.org IRC network, using the nickname jdb. I'll typically join at least the #p5p and #win32 channels.